Certify | Protect | Track | Control


Groundbreaking Individual Data File Security

You can now CERTIFY, PROTECT, TRACK and CONTROL all types of digital information at all times—in motion and at rest.

CERTIFY and ensure your information is secure and accessible per your own designations.

Whether you’re in healthcare, legal or any other highly-regulated field, RYN’s security layers meet all compliance regulations throughout active use and archived formats.


PROTECT sensitive digital information with hack-proof encryption.

Securing your information at the file level with RYN protects confidentiality no matter where it resides—at rest, in transit or upon disposal.


TRACK the who, what, when and where of each file shared, all in real-time.

RYN ensures only authorized personnel can access each file by tracking exactly where the file ends up, when it got there, which user accessed it and more.


CONTROL precisely who is authorized access to your files.

RYN’s tracked access control, real-time monitoring, details file reporting and other features allow for significantly less chances of risk with greater transparency in assessment.

Multi-layer security measures ensure each RYN encrypted file is both authentic and unaltered.

Share your digital information with confidence that it will always be secure.

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