Don't Be a Victim of Cybercrime

Encrypt your personal information with RYN.

The Data Privacy Revolution

RYN is unique in its approach to solving the Data Privacy problem that faces everyone connected to the internet. RYN users can choose any type of data file to encrypt. This allows our users to build a private network that shields their personal information files from cybercriminals no matter where it resides or how it is delivered. RYN is a cloud-based data-centric encryption service that provides tracking on every one of your RYN files for the life of the file.

No one can prevent all data breaches, but RYN can prevent Hackers from accessing your personal information and selling it on the Dark Web.

RYN Features

The features listed below were developed by RYN to encrypt our user’s personal information from Hackers. So the first thing we did was to create an encryption service that allowed our users to encrypt ALL of their data files. Next we wanted our users to be in charge of all of their RYN files so we gave our users the ability to Certify, Protect, Track, Control, and Verify all of their RYN files for the life of the file.


Your RYN Identity is permanently associated to the information you encrypt. File recipients will know if a RYN encrypted file comes from a trusted source. RYN encrypted files are tagged with the level of authentication used to create it.


RYN™ file encryption uses multiple passes of highly secure encryption to ensure that sensitive electronic information is completely private and safe.


RYN users receive email alerts that give precise, time stamped information about all authorized and failed attempts to access your RYN encrypted files.


RYN™ provides flexible access controls and access on demand overrides.


Even after a file has been decrypted RYN can verify if it is authentic and unaltered. If the file was encrypted with RYN this feature confirms the identity of the person who protected the file, the level of authentication used, and when it was protected. Verification takes seconds.